What is the Wrdie Editor?

The Wrdie Editor contains all of the tools you need to write and publish your interactive story.


Start by making a story. Any registered user can create a new story and, when you publish your story, anyone can play it.


Add fields so that your readers can customize their characters.


Next, edit your first message. Messages are one of the primary ways of getting text to the screen.

Wrdie stories are made up of multiple messages. When the message runs, the text and its tags are evaluated on the server and the result is sent to the reader and printed on the screen.


Drag tags into your message's text to add interactivity and customization to your stories.

Get Global

Get Global replaces itself with the data saved in a global variable.


The pronoun tag selects the correctly gendered pronoun based on the reader's preference.


If tags only show the text if their condition is true.

Add Command

When Add Command is evaluated, it adds an option for the reader to choose. If the reader selects that option, the specified message runs on the server and the result is sent back to the reader.

This is the basic building block of Wrdie stories: messages that add commands, that run messages, that add commands, that run messages, and so on.


Locations are another way to add interactivity to a story by giving it a sense of place.

Locations have names, descriptions, commands, and exits. The reader's character can only be in one location at a time and the exits allow the reader to move between locations. When a character enters a new location, the description text is run on the server and the result is sent back to the reader.


With a single button click you can jump into any point in your story and begin playing. This makes it easy to test tricky pieces of logic to ensure your readers always get the text they deserve.

What's next?

These are just a few of the things available in the Wrdie editor. Now that you're familiar with the basics, head to the create page and start writing your own story.

Or maybe you'd like to play one first? Here are some of our popular stories: